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This journal will have the ramblings of my daily life, memes and rants and whatever pops into my head. I do have a 'writing' journal, but only when I remember to put stuff there. Most of what I write can be found on my deviantart page, and some in random communities.

What I Like

I've always been a huge advocate of reading; since I was about three or so, I've had a book in my hands. Historical non-fiction and fiction alike I adore, but fantasy will always be the books I fall back on. I also enjoy music; classical, folk, blues, rock n' roll, Japanese, Korean and Chinese—all kinds, really. I like to sing it, but only in private. :P Writing is more important to me than music; I go nuts with story ideas in my head and always have some sort of scrap of paper on hand to write stuff down with.
I like reading comics, mostly Japanese and some Korean and then American ones for flavor. I'm a huge video game nerd and I've been playing those for a long time as well, probably as soon as my hands could fit around a controller. My biggest game-love right now is the Kingdom Hearts series, followed by anything Final Fantasy.

Stuff About Me

I'm generally a very shy, withdrawn person when around people—I've gotten better at social interaction, but I still say my best friends are my books, followed by the people online. I used to get caught up in a lot of self-doubt, but have worked hard at improving it. When people do get me talking, I'm usually sarcastic or cynical, but overall I try to be friendly.

I dislike people that are intolerant of other races, religions or causes, but will gladly listen if they have words to back it up to explain their reasoning. I'm very open-minded, curious and very strange as well. I hope to work as an editor/designer one day soon and one day I shall publish the book(s) I've been working on.

My biggest dream is to travel all over the world; I've already accomplished a part of a childhood dream and that was to go to Japan, teaching in the JET Program. One day, I will return, either to teach or just visit. I think it's my 'true' home. Right now I live in Utah, but I also hope in the near future to move back east. I was a military brat and moved all over the country. I think I still have the wandering feet.

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