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Random things--

Spent the weekend + a few days in Osaka/Kyoto/Himeji area. Was pretty neat--hung out with a few friends and while we didn't do everything together, it was still a blast.

Bonnie and I got into Kyoto way early and we poked around, saw Toji (five storied pagoda) and a cool Book-Off. I got a few things there and so did Bonnie. XD Those stores are rather addicting. We bummed around Osaka part of the day the next day--Lindsey and I headed to Osaka Castle and on one of the floors, you could put on these helmets that they wore during the time the castle was being ruled. XDDD We got pictures of it on Lindsey's camera. When the other people saw what we were doing, they started taking pictures of us as well. XD

Went to Den-Den Town (Akihabara of Osaka) and shopped a bit there. Found a few cool stores and I'd love to go back to K-Books and drool a bit.

USJ was really fun-- XD Especially waiting in line for a roller coaster in front of these Japanese school girls that kept on giggling at us. ^__^ And the Peter Pan show was awesome. And as Bonnie and I were leaving, we saw a street performer (from San Fran!) entertaining the crowd with tricks and teasing. It was pretty awesome.

On the last day, we were going to see Takarazuka Revue, but the tickets were sold out (:__;) so we'll try and hit the group when they come down to Fukuoka in July. So instead, we saw the infamous Osaka aquarium and it was kinda nifty, but I thought a bit overpriced for what we saw, but Bonnie and I agreed that it had to take a lot of money to maintain everything. We also went to Himeji Castle and poked around there (really large and the best maintained/preserved oldest castle in Japan). The stairs are like the ones in Kumamoto--narrow and steep. Walking down those in your socks is NOT fun. =P

But all in all it was a lot of fun--if tiring (almost ten hour bus ride from Fukuoka to Osaka, on top of the three hours from Kikuchi to Kumamoto to Fukuoka) and it was great to meet up with everyone.

Oh yeah... while we were in Den-Den Town (and had real Osaka Okonamiyaki) we stopped at this arcade type place and saw Toushi (sp?) from X Japan. Randomly he was there giving a free concert.

Non trip stuff-- but class stuff. =D

In class today, while we were doing a reading practice thing, I got the boys side. (for some reason, the girls were looking really relieved they didn't have to read for me) I'm not that scary, I'm easier on them than the JTE!. At one point, one of the boys was winking at me as he gave his info. WTF, lol. So adorable.

But it's Golden Week this weekend--so one more day of classes, then a four-day weekend. And the kidlets are getting ready for midterms, so classes are either going to be touch-and-go or really dead boring. Although I think I found of a way to use Mad Libs as part of a lesson. :)

But it's so weird to think that I only have three months left. It feels like I just started in some ways. But I'm totally more adjusted now and I'm going to miss my students like crazy.
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I really should have brought my laptop with me to work today... because my teacher that acts as my supervisor here doesn't have my schedule for the week, the classes are messed up anyhow b/c of exams and such, and he told me that I won't have classes today anyways. ]

And I don't have any classes tomorrow, either. ^^; I'm going to finish the book I'm reading before long and I can only bum around on the internet for so long--cause other people use the computers here.

*flops over and sighs* Maybe I can leave after I get my schedule for the week. I don't think there are any afternoon classes anyways. The schedule seems kinda wonky (shorter classes, which usually means nothing in the afternoon).

edit: teacher came RIGHT as I was posting this, gave me the schedule. Today in my one class, they're watching a movie. I can sit and watch the movie with them, or sit in the office. It's the Shawshank Redemption. I think I'll go to class. :D Tomorrow, no classes, of course-- Wed, two classes and Thursday and Friday each have one class, I believe. For some days (like today) I can leave after fourth period, cause there are meetings.

Again, I love this school. ^^

Plus, my teacher was giving my advice and talking with me about good classes and topics and how to format them and FEEDBACK is glorious and there is good chance he's transferring out next school year. WHHHHHHHHHHY am I losing the good teacher? He's made of all sorts of awesome and win and he's going to be leaving. ;__;
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Okay, so--

This is to my flist of those that are in high school/have recently graduated high school.

Can you give me a general overview of what high school is like? Things that are popular (clothes, actors/actresses, singers, etc)

Also about graduation and prom?

I'm trying to put together lesson plans about some of the differences between American high schools and Japanese ones and I'd just like a current view if you all can help. ^__~ Thanks!
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Well, I put in my vote for the primaries. *crosses fingers*

On another note--my first class today was probably the most awkward thing EVER. The kids weren't any more noisy than I'm used to them being, but apparently my teacher had run out of patience. He slammed the desk and yelled at them, then subjected them to a lecture. He was even like to me ''they can't do this today, they are too noisy...''

Oooh, man it was just akward standing there while he lectured them. I caught bits and pieces of it and I wanted to crawl under the desk. Yikes. Angry teacher...

and he's the discipline teacher, I believe. ^^;;;

--Also, this week, I've been told I can go home early starting Wednesday, cause it's a half day for the students and the teachers are just going to be in a meeting about exams. My teacher was like ''and you can leave at noon if you want...'' Yes, please! XDD

(Yes, I'm lame, but it beats sitting in the office for four hours doing nothing at all...)


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