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My brain is so freaking warped. I don't even know where these dreams come from, but it's creepy as hell when you try to redirect them and you can't get out.

Long story short for the dream. I was stuck through some sort of time travel via a friend, in WW2 Germany. And my friend got slowly enamored with it. D: (Not sure which friend, XDD) And so I was stuck and getting more horrified and just various pieces of propaganda and stuff. The various teachings, etc.

But she liked it, I was stuck and so I tried to deal as much as possible. Tried to see what the point of it all was. There were some fuzzy parts here and there, like trying to hide and stuff, but I wasn't in trouble, I 'fit in', but some people did think me mental at some points. XD

I woke up at some parts and went right back into the dream. I think the best part of the dream was being confronted by Hitler and my beating him over the head with a cane or something like it until he was bloody and he toppled down the steps. He was still alive and I beat him again and he went down another flight of stairs. The man would not die, no matter how many times I beat him. I think near the end, right before I woke up, all he wanted was a puppy. O_o

Ladies and gentleman, my brain. For all the weirdness at the end, it was creepy and horrible to be stuck with no way out in a society that was completely opposite to what your worldview and beliefs were.
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Okay, I am seriously laughing too hard for this. For any Cubs fan out there...

blame it on the curse... )
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If anyone has booked space at either the Westin or the Holiday Inn Downtown in Long Beach, please contact the hotel to make sure you still have your reservation. Fifty spots got booted from the Westin and a few (so far) from the Holiday Inn.

I'm calling the Holiday Inn on Monday (or a friend is, actually) to see if we still have our spots and to make sure we'll still have our spots. =_= This is absolutely ridiculous that these hotels overbooked spots and now those that have reserved spots ahead of time are getting kicked out.

AX is truly shocked about this (they told us to give the hotels hell for messing up like this xD) but if you lost your spot, you're relocated to a hotel MUCH further away. Those who lost their rooms in the Westin are getting moved to the Sheratin Gateway in Los Angeles, approximately 17 miles away. Those that get bumped from the Holiday Inn are going to the Doubletree in San Pedro, nine miles away.

Call up, peoples and see what's going on. The person to talk to for Holiday Inn is Merlin Wan and for Westin, talk to Inside Reservations. :(
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I wish I knew which neighbor was playing their music so that all I hear is the bass, because I want to beat them with their stereo system so that it never plays again.

ARGHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm trying to WRITE something important and that beat is stuck in my head and I can't block the damn thing out.

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bwuh... my brain....

Where on earth do I get the idea of marrigage ceremonies held over outdoor grills? WHERE, I ask you?

my dreams are odd-- really odd. I mean... o_O yeah. all I can remember is that I was with a friend and they were getting married. It was this huge group of people getting married and they went in in large groups--when I went in with my friend, I saw all these outdoor grills (tents covering them, too, I believe) and the priest/cook was on one side and the couple on the other.

-_- yeah, it's time for that break, all right...
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[ profile] lostscore I blame you for this-- XDD

Soooo [ profile] lostscore and I were discussing KH and All Dogs Go to Heaven, and got on the subject of Charlie as Axel and it just went downhill from there. Inspired by this amv -- it was firmly in our minds just how much Axel resembled Charlie.

soooo-- we got on talking about the gator and who he would be and so, this was born--

wtf, brain... )
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My surreal moment of the morning...

someone coming up to me and asking me for help with a math thing. o_O

The boy must not know how... um... sad I am in the class. XDDDD
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Hot dog love Hot dog love

And this is the type of stuff my work spawns...

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You know the damage of Naruto in the English dub world when you have an unholy cross between Dub Sailor Moon and Dub Naruto.

*weeps for humanity*


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