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Look, an actual entry~

Work is a better, filled with a little more hope. This week went by better at least-- and if I can stay on the billing/video side, I can survive this job a little bit longer until I get one in my field.

I need to stop being such an emo child when it comes to other things, though. Not being self-deprecating or trying to make a situation a certain way. It doesn't come off nice, it comes off whiny and babyish and rather stupid sounding. D:

I really need to grow up.
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I'm not in CA, but to those that are, I wish to add my wishes for those residents to vote "NO" on Proposition 8. While all those on the opposite side are not the same, some should be ashamed of themselves.

Take a look at that video and the write up. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief. Some people... D:
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A bit of a political thing here and there-- not too much--

but parts of this election make you really stop and gape at all the stupid that's running rampant on both sides. I half want the country to give up on both sides and vote for Nader. :) My dad and I were joking bout that the other day; Nader wouldn't know what hit him.

But just think... "Joe the Plumber" is going to be one of those things that we'll look on years later and go 'seriously? this was such a major factor?' All the sniping and back-biting and crazy crap that goes on during this time of the year makes me want to crawl under a rock and not emerge until it's all over. I got lucky that I was in Japan for the first half of it-- then came back for the real nasty part of mud-slinging. Just going on the defenders of their presidential hopeful (and no, this isn't pointing fingers at any one person, all the people on my F-list are really cool about the whole thing) people get so crazy about so many things and yeah, it's great to defend your side, just as long as you don't forget that you and the person you're kicking down are both human beings and honestly, would you act this way when it wasn't the election?

I have my own choice for president and I've decided this not just because of the party they're from, but from their platform, their stance --their running mate and what the outcome could be in the long run. Peopl


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