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and the search for the job continues...

I'm really super frustrated over the lack of my money from Japan, but with no one returning my emails....>__> I'm giving it so many more days, I know my supervisor was on/is still on vacation, but school starts next week, I think? so hopefully she'll respond very soon about the status of my money. :(

I'm still searching for jobs, waiting for replies back from interviews and turning into a wreck. I had budgeted certain things and without that remaining $1,000+ it's making things very difficult. >_>

Here's hoping things will turn around soon.
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Life is a bit easier to deal with again. My paycheck was slightly more than I estimated, so it makes paying bills easier and so you would not BELIEVE the gigantic weight lifted from my chest. It's ... it's just amazing how much better I feel now that I'm not weighted down by the BILLS OF DOOM....

now if I could only find the chance to talk to my apartment manager about making arrangements for rent so I can stay the next year and be okay... XDD And pay the back rent as well. I figure that if I pay $500 a month ($250 from each paycheck and starting in October) I should be entirely paid off by April (both back rent and the rent for the year) and all will be well. Terry is usually really good about it, soo...

But yeah, I already have the bills I KNOW will go to collections unless money falls into my lap for some odd reason, but that doesn't both me (as much) anymore. It's just the way of what happened. I screwed up and I'm going to have to pay for it. Such is life...

but at least I know I can take care of the rest for a certain while, hopefully pay off others and then pray that everything else gets taken care of. It's going to be difficult for awhile, but... I think I can make it. It's just going to be very hard.
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Deadlines at work and finals coming up is NOT good for the health. *cries* Stress stress stress....

And to top it off, my bank account is messed up, too. *thunks head over and over*

I'll be fine... I'm just a little... stressed.... ^^;


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