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All the finals are done and the projects turned in...

now it's just waiting for the grades. Wow... I've finished college. =D

*now to get rid of this massive headache*

Edit: The first grade comes rolling in~

Professional and Technical Writing Capstone (aka, the death class) B ^__^

Edit 2: Second grade -- Document Design and Graphics : A

Edit 3: Third grade -- Biodiversity Conservation : C (considering I thought I might not PASS this, the C is awesome stuff)

One more grade to officially come in. ^_^
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As I mentioned before, our college had a memorial for what happened at Virginia Tech. It went so well... we had many students attend, the poem that a professor read was beautiful, and someone played the most heart-wrenching version of Amazing Grace on the violin.

... and we had current Virginia Tech students in the audience. I'm not entirely clear as to how -- they said something of some sports thing-- some type of awards ceremony they were attending for it. But... they were there, in the front row and it broke my heart to watch them and hear them crying.

I'm so glad that we did this for them. They talked about how much it meant to them, this and with how much support they're receiving across the world.
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Well, I've stuck my foot in it now--

I mentioned an idea of a vigil to the ASUSU (student council for the college I'm attending) and instead of just mentioning the idea and running, they hauled me in there and it's a go! And I get to be in the thick of it... (ehehe... not what I was thinking, but...) We will have a vigil on the 20th of April at 7:30 (if you're in the area, please come, it'll be in the Sunburst Lounge on campus) and there'll be speakers and whatnot.

^^;; Yeah... I'm just... o.O that they're really interested in it and want me involved. It's a good thing and I'm glad they want to do it, but wow-- hahaha, didnt' think they'd keep me around after I put out my ideas.
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Well, the end of the semester is almost here.

Schedule of events ? (projects, papers, presentations, exams, etc)

Math - Presentation on Monday (the 23rd) and then a take home exam.

Science - Proposal due either Friday (20th) or Monday (23rd) plus an exam on the 30th.

English (Design class) Rough draft of project due on Monday (23rd) Final project due on 30th.

English (Capstone class) Final copy of e-portfolio, with reflective memo, due on Thursday (the 19th). Rough draft of print portfolio due on the 24th, Final portfolio due on the 26th.

o_O Yeah.. the whole sleeping thing? It's going to be a lot less, especially since I still have to go to class (even though we're not learning anything, really) and work...

Then it's graduation on May 5th. I still have to find out if I have to sit through the entire ceremony, or if I can just go to the college ceremony at the end.

(and send out all the announcements to people about graduation, even if they're not coming.)
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*mopes in corner*

I don't like getting inferior grades on anything I write. This is depressing me. A lot...

*mopes some more*


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