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Well, the last HP book comes out at midnight (12:01, really) tonight/tomorrow. xD I think I shall be going to the midnight release party, because hey-- they're actually a lot of fun to go to. ^^ I wish I had a car to drive home, but I'm sure something will work out somehow. ^^

But as for the money issues I mentioned before-- I think that'll work out, too. Slowly... but surely, it'll all work out. I can't use my direct deposit advance today which gave me minor heart failure, but I think I'll be able to use it tomorrow (because it'll be one full month since I last used it) and I should be able to get the amount I need to pay bills and... well, pay bills. ^^;;
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In regards to that whole bill thing I mentioned earlier-- it's very doable and it'll take me about 2 and 1/2 months to do it, with severe scrimping (what, food?) and begging my apartment manager for delay on rent payment. I have to supplement my paychecks somehow, but... by the end of September, my foolish bills that I'm rather ashamed of and gave me a good deal of stress) should be over by the end of September.

The people said they'd work with me if it came do all of a sudden and I couldn't pay it, but... ^^;; If I have at least $800 in my bank account every two weeks, I should be able to take care of this. Really, really will drain me and such, but... guh

[ profile] voodoobob, I'm sorry it'll take a little while longer to get you the rest of what I owe you, my money is going to be really... um, tight for awhile. To the point of not-being-there. >_>

I don't even get $800 a paycheck after taxes, so it'll be tricky at best. Wish me the best of luck, everyone~!
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Life is a bit easier to deal with again. My paycheck was slightly more than I estimated, so it makes paying bills easier and so you would not BELIEVE the gigantic weight lifted from my chest. It's ... it's just amazing how much better I feel now that I'm not weighted down by the BILLS OF DOOM....

now if I could only find the chance to talk to my apartment manager about making arrangements for rent so I can stay the next year and be okay... XDD And pay the back rent as well. I figure that if I pay $500 a month ($250 from each paycheck and starting in October) I should be entirely paid off by April (both back rent and the rent for the year) and all will be well. Terry is usually really good about it, soo...

But yeah, I already have the bills I KNOW will go to collections unless money falls into my lap for some odd reason, but that doesn't both me (as much) anymore. It's just the way of what happened. I screwed up and I'm going to have to pay for it. Such is life...

but at least I know I can take care of the rest for a certain while, hopefully pay off others and then pray that everything else gets taken care of. It's going to be difficult for awhile, but... I think I can make it. It's just going to be very hard.


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