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Good news~!

Got a supplemental income-type job (we'll see how supplemental and busy and cool it'll be) doing graphic design for ads. I'll get paid job-by-job instead of a steady wage, but the way it works out is a pretty decent thing. :)

So I'll still work at Convergys until I see how this one pays out and make guesses and still look for other jobs as well.

Yay! A real job! ^___^
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Ok, enough of the emo-entry from yesterday. D: Bad patch and all, pushing forward and just dealing with it. XD Going to try and drop my hours at work (what, you say? Cutting hours willingly?) to help. Right now, eight hours doing a phone job is just... too much. I don't care if people thing I'm being a baby over the whole thing, some people can do it and some can't.

In other news, weird dreams last night. I dreamt that Obama was staying at my house for some odd, unknown reason. But in my dream I knew that [ profile] phoenixdown7 wanted to meet him as well and so I went to her house, explaining everything. There were a few more odd bits about people not being home and going to weird neighborhoods and all, but I mean, really. Why the hell was President-elect Obama at my house? LOL!

Working today on Veterans Day ( D: ) but I'll do my own honoring once the day is over. Wish I could get the poppy to wear, but alas, when you don't live near base, it's harder to get them.

I'm just going to take things one day at a time, or one week at a time- whatever works better. I've noticed that when I've left work early (doing 6 hour shifts) I'm in a much better frame of mind, a lot less stressed and the way my mind works things out-- *laughs* Half the time, I don't get a break until three hours into the shift (three hours straight with a headset glued to your head? Ugh) and if I did this whole 6 hour thing, then that'd just leave me with 2hr 45 left and that's not so bad at all, right? Here's hoping that part'll work out. I'm ignoring the fact that the other job exists for now. He said he'd call in a few days, that they can't rush, blah blah blah, so I'll stop calling and worrying about it and just treat it as a 'well, we'll see' thing.'

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I need to grow up.

I have a job and I should be grateful for it, not whining to other people that I want a different one. There are people with worse (and no) jobs out there, so I should be grateful with what I have.
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From my boss pertaining to a new assingment I have. A potentially long, nasty work-filled assignment... xD Not sure on the full details yet (but it involves adding lots of roads, which includes lots of research and information.... Why do we get these things right before school starts?!!!!!

Guess what! More work for you! Guess I know you don't have enough already.


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