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Color Coded
by: Lazuli
Rating: Gen
Characters: Joe, mentions of Gai, Doc and Marvelous

Notes: Why did they tend to wear the colors of the sentai suit they wore?

they always wore the same color... )
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Short little ficlet, written for baka ja ne, who simply wanted 'fic'.

Title: "I was First"
Fandom: Gokaiger
Characters, Joe, Don, mentions of Marvelous (bit of Joe/Don)

he saw it first... )
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Title: Following a Team
Fandom: Gokaiger
Characters: Don, Marvelous, Luka, Joe
Notes: Set pre-series, a speculation fic on how Marvelous recruited Don.

everyone was gone... )
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Title: Partners
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Characters: Philip, Shotarou
Notes: Another fic set right after Begins Night
Written for Shadi. :P

he didn't want to be here... )
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Rising Costs
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Notes: A bit of silly, really. What does the average citizen think of all the buildings getting destroyed on a regular basis?

she had just planted tulips... )
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Title: Family Dynamics
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Characters: Philip, Shotarou, Akiko, Terui

Notes: I've been playing with the idea for a bit now, but as in most of my fics, I have the idea that Shotarou is a bit younger than the fandom sees him as; using the actor as a basis for age isn't my thing (cause if that was true, Namba-sempai from the new Hana Kimi shouldn't be in high school XD) so I go with how the character acts, certain signals and well, Shotarou was dressed in school uniform in Begins Night and the first ep of W for the flashback scene.

he knew Akiko would lord this over him... )
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Title: Left to Me
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Rating: G

Notes: Written for Shadi. :) She did a piece of art for me, so this is my way of thanking her. Need to write more of this type of stuff…

he didn't know why he was on the floor… )
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Title: Price of a Doctor
Fandom: Gokaiger
Characters: Doc, Basco

Notes: I really like this kidnapping thing. LOL, It's Basco. Brings it out in me. Again, this was for Baka Ja Ne on Tumblr.

price of a doctor )
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Wrote these on my tumblr baka ja ne. She wanted Basco anything, really. :P So here we go. Lots of Toku lately.

written for bakajane )
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Title: Keeping a Promise
Fandom: Kamen Rider W
Characters: Shotarou, mention of Philip, Queen, Elizabeth
Rating: G

fic two )
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Title:New Steps
by:[profile] lazzchan
Characters: Philip, Shotarou

here there be fic one... )
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Title: The Start of Something
Rating: G
Characters: Narumi Sokichi, Hidari Shotaro
Universe: Kamen Rider W

Notes: No spoilers, just a drabble-ish thing that I may or may not expand more on later. I like the early what-if days because we really have no material. I did notice in the Movie Wars/Core movie with OOOs at how different the office looked years ago.

when Narumi Sokichi approached Hidari Shotaro... )


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