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So sort of back from Banzai; at the airport, waiting for the shuttle to take me home. Just dropped off Ashley and miss having her around already. I really miss the east coast and having friends around. The weekend was pretty awesome; hung out with people, had jokes and saw a lot of good cosplayers, including a set of Doctors and a TARDIS. I freaked out a friend when I dressed as Sora for part of a day. :D Friends got close to winning Banzai Brawl and I was a guest for the Dating Game, dressed as Tifa. It twas hysterical. Bad Wolf won 1st place for Cosplay Skit; judging by the fangirl screams, it was a forgone conclusion. :) I'm a little sad that I wasn't in it, but I'm still really proud of them and glad that all the hard work paid off.

Saw a few of my friends, talked and managed to give Colt a hug a few times. Said hello a bit to a few other people, such as Sarah's cousins/friends. All the cosplays were awesome and a lot of the drama that I had absolute nightmares about didn't occur. :)
After the con, went to a friend's house from college and hung out the night there, had food and watched a couple of movies before we all crashed out. Long con was LONG. But it was a lot of fun; it meant a lot to have Ashley there. It made going to events fun and watching things fun, too.
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So day before the con--drama already...D: but, eh---it will all work out. It all starts with the Roxas box never coming. I'll be most upset and sad if it shows up after I get back from the con. But I have the coat still, so I can still do Organization Roxas, but I would have liked Twilight Town for a different change. I also have Tifa and PJ Roxas with my Sora.


We have a lovely room and friends to deal with and the trip down was a lot shorter than I thought it would be.

More updates to come as the con actually starts. :)
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At Anime Oasis this year, our group decided to do a skit. As usual, it was at the spur of the moment. :P We had a lot of fun, even with our minor screw-ups...yes, that is me way over in the corner. Yay for last minute changes and misjudging the stage area

We also won third place out of nineteen entries, going up against some groups that have done this for years. :D This was all our first 'real' skit, sock-puppets do NOT count our first time all working together, etc. We practiced this in two days and the Sora and Roxas in two hours. There were bound to be a few mistakes, but hey-- we were epic, had fun and got $400 out of it to split 8 ways. :D We celebrated with sushi that night, because real food trumps all and I think most of us really needed it. *laughs* Snacking on bread/cheese, strawberries and bagels wasn't going to cut it the entire time. (At least it wasn't junk food?) Ten people eating sushi was epic, though--especially when the waitress looked at all of us (one check XD) and asked "And how are you going to pay for this?"

Yes, apparently most of us looked like teenagers and we only had one 'kid' in the group. XDDD

Funny, we got the same sort of look when we checked in, too. *grins*

But, here's the video-- more con stuff later when I have my camera back.

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Back from the con. It had its ups and downs--a lot of snafus and all sorts of mess, but the company was great. =D Yay for the KHFFR group. And a BIG thanks to Lynx for carting us from the airport to the hotel and houses and all around.


As soon as I salvage my memory card and possibly get a new camera (my other one DIED at the con) I'll post what pictures I managed to take; if I can find the cable for my phone, I can try and post the ones I took on there after my camera broke. [ profile] voodoobob I owe you a bunch of pictures I took, so here's hoping!

More on the con later.
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Yo, AX-attendees!

Hotel rooms are waiting to be booked (or so I assume b/c AX has the info up) and so... anyone attending that'd like to share a room? We have at least 2 on our end that is totally going and sharing a room, and if we had three more, we could really cut down the cost. ^^

C'mon, let's have fun with this!
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Just got back from AX2006 and took a bunch of cosplay pictures. Have fun looking!

Here are the pictures


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