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Alright, guess I should give my con report. XD I'm terrible at these things, so bear with me.

con report )
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Back from the con. It had its ups and downs--a lot of snafus and all sorts of mess, but the company was great. =D Yay for the KHFFR group. And a BIG thanks to Lynx for carting us from the airport to the hotel and houses and all around.


As soon as I salvage my memory card and possibly get a new camera (my other one DIED at the con) I'll post what pictures I managed to take; if I can find the cable for my phone, I can try and post the ones I took on there after my camera broke. [ profile] voodoobob I owe you a bunch of pictures I took, so here's hoping!

More on the con later.
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If anyone has booked space at either the Westin or the Holiday Inn Downtown in Long Beach, please contact the hotel to make sure you still have your reservation. Fifty spots got booted from the Westin and a few (so far) from the Holiday Inn.

I'm calling the Holiday Inn on Monday (or a friend is, actually) to see if we still have our spots and to make sure we'll still have our spots. =_= This is absolutely ridiculous that these hotels overbooked spots and now those that have reserved spots ahead of time are getting kicked out.

AX is truly shocked about this (they told us to give the hotels hell for messing up like this xD) but if you lost your spot, you're relocated to a hotel MUCH further away. Those who lost their rooms in the Westin are getting moved to the Sheratin Gateway in Los Angeles, approximately 17 miles away. Those that get bumped from the Holiday Inn are going to the Doubletree in San Pedro, nine miles away.

Call up, peoples and see what's going on. The person to talk to for Holiday Inn is Merlin Wan and for Westin, talk to Inside Reservations. :(
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I know AX isn't for a few weeks, but...

Who on my friend list is going to AX this year?
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Just got back from AX2006 and took a bunch of cosplay pictures. Have fun looking!

Here are the pictures


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