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Best Thanksgiving EVER.

It started Wednesday night, where my friend and I picked up sushi, miso soup and an apple pie for our dinner the next day. Yes, you read that correctly. We had sushi for Thanksgiving. It was all sorts of awesome.

We also played video games all day, watched movies (took us at least three hours to watch a movie an hour and a half long) and we talked about all sorts of random things. It was most excellent. We even planned some fun things to do again for the next few days. XD We hooked up two tvs with two PS2s and played KH1 and KH2. We played 358/2 Days... What do you mean, we don't have lives?

I really, supremely enjoyed myself.
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Alright, guess I should give my con report. XD I'm terrible at these things, so bear with me.

con report )
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Oh, that was a lot of fun today-- not a bad St. Patrick's Day at all. :D

Had a peace walk down at the Courthouse, held signs, talks and then walked town a bit--good stuff. :)

Then tonight my roommate and I went to a performance at the Eccles Theater in town; it was Irish music and dancers. Good songs and wonderful dancing. Makes you want to dance yourself, but they were quick-stepping and I was jealous. XDD Wish I could do that.

But Lise and I also teased each other over the whole Scottish-- vs -- Irish again. XD (she doesn't know what she's missing)


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