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So it's a new year and all that jazz. A time of new beginnings, changes-- a whole slate fresh for the writing on. Reflecting on the past...

Well, this last year has been interesting. I wrote in LJ less than I have before, deleted a bunch of stuff that just wasn't worth posting or reflecting on. This past year was loads better than the year before. One reason is because I moved away from Utah finally, back to the east coast. As I had said in an earlier entry, I originally wanted to move because I had to run away. Many people noticed that the environment in Utah wasn't good for me anymore. I was sick, I was mentally unstable and I was just plain unhappy after awhile. The summer before destroyed any reason to want to stay in Utah.

Now, though-- now it's different and I'm much happier here. I've got three jobs (well, sort of two and a half, cause one of them's seasonal and we all know how long those last) and the newest one is something I'm just practically giddy about. :D It was the best end to an old year and one lovely way to start the next. I'll be doing part time research for a lady who works with non-profit companies. :D I'll even learn grant writing and this is just the biggest awesome EVER. I get to learn a new skill set, get paid for it and to do research to help other people. I'm just thrilled. :D The internet does not have the capability to show my YAAAAY over research.

Living with my friends has ups and downs-- as with anything. But there are so many ups that the downs sort of fade into the background. I have awesome friends here, awesome support and understanding. I kick myself everyday over money troubles, but those are slowly sliding away and I hope by the end of this month, I'll finally be caught up with rent. >.> I'm not proud of it at all, but I'm glad to finally be near the end (thanks to my lovely family members).

I'm the type of person that likes a definite focus in life-- I'm sadly not the type that leaps off the cliff into adventure. I have dreams in my head, but when it comes to plans in life, I like to make sure that some things are stable. This year is full of uncertainties, but there's enough stable in them that I'll be fine.

Ah, let's see-- the internet has been a constant with friendship *laughs* I've gotten more into tumblr and that's just loads of picture fun.

Well, my computer is trying to eat my entries now and the keyboard is fussy, so I'll take that as a post this crap now. Here's to the new year.
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