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For sonicninja on Tumblr

Fandom: Decade/OOOs
Characters: Tsukasa, Ankh, Eiji
Rating: G as can be

Notes: I don't know Decade terribly well, but the request was a crossover, so I rolled with it.

Eiji wasn't sure what to think about the Kamen Rider that came barreling in the middle of an attack. The only other riders he had ever seen was Birth and that other one—Double or W or whatever it was. That one had a cool attack and and a cool speech.

This one—he wasn't so sure of. He reminded him of Ankh in a way, but a bit nicer. Well, he wasn't a Greeed and that went a long way in personality, he supposed. Still, did he have to come in so fast and practically bowl Eiji over?

"I say we get rid of him," Ankh snorted next to him. "He doesn't belong here." He pushed back his hair with an impatient hand.

"Wait...wait, Ankh—" Eiji was wary, but not eager to go and destroy someone that wasn't a Yummy or a Greeed. "Maybe he's here to help—"

"I doubt it," Ankh shrugged. "But do what you want. If you get killed—"

Eiji couldn't help but grin. "If I get killed, who will you use to be OOOs?" he teased. He stood back and watched for a moment, then dove in himself to finish off the Yummy. They could ask questions after.


Tsukasa de-transformed once the enemy was beat and looked around. At least he was able to do something useful right off. He turned to the other Kamen Rider, watching him carefully. He relaxed when he saw the open, dare he say stupid, look on the other's face.

"What sort of world is this, then?" he asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"At least he doesn't hide the fact he doesn't belong here," the other smirked. "Eiji—he's admitted he's an intruder."

"If he's an intruder, then he's not a Yummy, Ankh," 'Eiji' said calmly. "And he did help us."

"There's a reason I'm in this world," Tsukasa said calmly. "What name are you?"

"OOOs," Eiji said cautiously. "Kamen Rider OOOs."

His companion smacked him hard against the head. "Idiot, don't go giving everything away," he hissed. "What if he's working for that creepy doctor?"

"But Ankh—he already saw us—and he helped us—"

Tsukasa liked the look of this place and these people. He had a feeling this was even more different than the world with the Shinkengers and reminded him strongly of that random Rider he had stumbled into his world instead of the other way around.

"Interesting," Tsukasa stepped closer. "I think I'll enjoy myself here."
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